Trimming and Styling Your Own Hair

While some people appreciate the atmosphere of a barbershop or salon, others prefer to cut their own hair. Furthermore, cutting your own hair can save you money.
If you don’t have the money to spend on a haircut, you can consider trying it yourself. Also, if you have your own style that you want for your hair, but the stylist never seems to get it right, you can try to create the style on your own.
To begin, wash your hair. It is best to work with clean, moist hair.
Comb your hair, making sure it is as straight as possible. Combing it out will make it easier to cut.
It is imperative that you begin chopping with an end in mind. What look are you trying to create?
Do you just need a trim? Trimming is probably the easiest modification to make.
Try to follow the same line that was made by your stylist the last time you got a trim. Make the cuts by only taking small sections at a time.
By only cutting a span of about half an inch or so each time, you will keep yourself from making major mistakes. Stop every now and then and look in a mirror.
Check whether or not you are close to the style you want. Use this technique until you have finished your trim.
If you are making a more drastic change in style, you will have to try to plan how you will accomplish it. Begin in the same way you would with the trim.
The all too common misconception is that you should just hack away a large section, but this is not true. Making smaller cuts will keep the hair more even overall.
With each snip of the scissors, take a moment to let things fall naturally. Examine it to make sure that it is straight.
If the appearance is uneven, you will need to go back and try to fix the problem. Be as cautious and deliberate as you can.
Furthermore, you should trim one side and then the other. Do not swap sides each time you trim a section-this will cause you to chop more off than you want.
Decide which side you will snip first and get it to look the way you want. When that is complete, you can begin to replicate the look on the other side.
Layering hair requires a bit more work than changing lengths. You will need to trim various sections to differing lengths.
Keep the scissors angled with each snip. The process of layering will take more time than simpler styles, so be patient.
In general, it is a good idea to pull the hair forward when cutting. It is more difficult to cut the back, so try to bring as much forward as you can.
If you do not feel comfortable trimming the back, leave it alone. You can still trim the front, but you will need to keep the length of the back in mind while doing so.
Most importantly, you should be calm while cutting. If you are too stressed about making it look right, you will probably trim too much.
Remember that your hair will grow back. Just be patient, and don’t snip to quick.
If, after all you can do, you can’t quite get both sides to be even with each other, do not worry too much about it. No one will be looking closely enough at your hair to notice that one side is off by a millimeter.
Creating your own style or doing your own trim can save you money. However, a return to the salon or barbershop may eventually be necessary.
Be sure to go with a clear goal in mind. If you can accurately describe the look that you want, the stylist will be better able to match it.
Taking a picture along with you can be a great way to demonstrate the style you desire. The stylist may make some suggestions that will improve the look even more.
Listen carefully and try to understand the suggestions before saying yes or no. Again, remember that if it doesn’t turn out quite as you imagined, it will grow back!
By Terry Daniels


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