The Different Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is also sometimes referred to as plastic surgery. Plastic surgery originally began in order to correct physical problems caused by medical conditions. More recently it has become more well known for changing peoples appearances. Whilst plastic surgery has been used in various forms for centuries it has only been in more recent times that people have used it to enhance their appearance. Most surgeries are very invasive and require reasonably long recovery periods and they are quite expensive.
Some of the most popular surgeries are involved with either removing body fat or making the patient slimmer. An operation can be performed to remove the body fat via tubes with the aid of suction. Most places on the body that carry fat can have this liposuction but the most common areas to be treated are the stomach and thighs. This operation is not suitable for very overweight people, and is usually recommended for people who have ten to fifteen pounds excess weight. If not performed carefully, or too much fat is taken, it can lead to dimpling of the skin.
Another popular slimming procedure is abdominoplasty, more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. This involves removing fat and loose skin from around the stomach. This is to make the stomach appear firmer and flatter. This operation is sometimes recommended for people who have been recently pregnant or who have lost a lot weight and have been left with lots of overhanging skin. A common problem after this type of procedure is the collection of fluids under the skin. This will need aspirating with a needle.
Procedures involving the breasts are very popular. These surgeries are called Mammoplasties and can include breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reductions. Augmentations usually involve inserting an implant of some kind into the breast in order to increase the size and volume. A lift is offered to women who have lost their former shape or become saggy due to age, pregnancy or weight loss. This involves reshaping the breast and removing excess skin. Reductions are performed on people with very large breasts. Tissue and skin is removed and reshaped to make the breasts much smaller. There are several different ways that these procedures can performed and there can be side effects.
Not unlike having boob implants, one can also opt to have a buttock augmentation. This can involve a synthetic implant being inserted into the buttocks to give a fuller appearance or improved shape. You can also have a buttock lift to improve the appearance of this area. A Brazilian butt lift, is where fat is taken from elsewhere and injected into the backside. As with all the other surgeries complications can occur.
It has become common in more recent years for people to have surgery on the sexual organs. Men can have a phalloplasty. This can include having the penis reconstructed, completely constructed or enlarged. This type of surgery is quite complicated and twenty five percent of men having this surgery have reported complications afterwards. Women can have a labiaplasty. This is the reduction and reshaping or the labia. Five to seven percent of women will require further treatment following the surgery.
Many different types of procedure can be performed on the face. You can have your eyelids reshaped or your lips enhanced to improve their shape and fullness. You can have implants inserted in the cheeks, a reshaping of the ears or a nose job to reshape the nose. It is popular, particularly in older men and women to opt for a face lift which involves lifting and tightening the skin of the face in order to improve the appearance of wrinkles and the skin.
The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly changing. It is becoming more and more popular for people to want to enhance their appearance. It is important to remember that all operations carry risks and that having these surgeries will require a period of recovery and will cost a lot of money.
by: Adriana Noton


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