New Guess Paper Chemistry 9th Class 2015 -16


LONG QUESTIONS: Defects in Rutherford model.Bohr atomic theory.Properties of cathode rays.Discovery of Proton.Electronic configuration of Ca and Mg.Uses of isotopes.isotopes. Modern periodic table salient feature of long form of periodic table.S.I units of atomic radius.Trend of ionization energy in a group.



    • molarity, HCl , NaOH kay to bhut zaida Practicals hain
      or molarity of HCl & NaOH yeh full Practical nahi milla reha 🙁 sublimation, kay be 5 Practicals hain ager koi book and page number pata hai to plz send kerny

      • Chapter 1
        Experiment 1 Separate the given mixture of iron fillings and sand by Physical method.
        Chapter 5
        Experiment 2 Determine the melting point of given compounds(Naphthalene and Biphenyl)
        Experiment 3 Determine the boiling point of given liquids ( Acceton and Ethyl alcohol) and Toluen
        Experiment 4 Demonstrate sublimation using ammonium chloride.
        Experiment 5 Separate naphthalene from given mixture of sand and naphthalene by sublimation.
        Chapter 6
        Experiment 6 Prepare 100cm3 of 0.1M sodium hydroxide solution from the given 1M solution.
        Experiment 8 Prepare 100cm3 of 0.01M hydrochloric acid solution from the given 0.1M solution.


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