New Guess Paper Chemistry 10th 2016



Chemistry 10th 100% 2016

Ch1Q2,5,7,13,11 Ch2Q1,6,9,10,15 Ch3Q3,4,8,9,1415,16

Ch4Q1,11,16,19,20 Ch5Q1,3,4,6,7

Ch6 Q4,5,8,9,13


Ch 8Q1,3,4,8,9

Long Q.Law mass action.Importnce equilibrim constant.Lewis acid base concept Physical&chemical proprties of acidbase Charactrs &prepartion of salts, Charctrs,clacification uses organic compounds.coal typs.Uses alkane alkene & alkyne Proteins

Nucleic acid.vitamin Solvay process


Chemistry 10th Short

(Part # 1, 2016)

reversible & irreversible reactions,che equilbrium,forward N reverse reaction,law of mas action,ex chap 1,4,7,8,13,meaning of acid and Properties,mineral acids,sources of acids,pH,Ph of water,universal indicator,salt and prop,nuetrlization reaction,ex chap2 6,8,7,15,20,vital force theory,aromatic comp,catenation,types of coal,distructive disti,petroleum,normal n iso propyl,ex chap3,

propyl,ex chap3, 2,3,5,8,10,marsh gas,olifins,why bnanas R not kept with other fruit,ex chap5 1,3,10,11,16,formula of glucose,def of carbohydrates,amino acid,fatty acids formulas,genetic code of li

(Chemistry 10th, Part# 2)

Ex chap13 2,3,5,11,12,20 Comp of atm,layers of atm,types of polutants,effects of So2,cfcs,ozone hole,ex chap 14,2,3,9,12 Prop of H2O,capilary action,flourosis,ex chap 15,1,3,6,7,12,gang,materlegy,anode mud,raw material of Solvay Proces,advantages of solvay proces,urea raw material,fractional distil,fractions of crude Oil,ex Chap16 8,9,13,14,16


Law of mas action,macroscopic char of dynamic equil,extent of reaction,

Concept,uses of bases,prep of salts,chara N uses of organic comp,functional group,prep of alkanes,reactions Of alkanes,uses of ethene,prep of alkynes,monosach


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