How To Write A Professional Article On Any Niche

If you are new to college, you will soon find out that there are many subjects that you are not as much of an expert in, as you would like to think. In fact, due to lack of time, many of you might be unable to attend certain classes regularly, resulting in a lag between the knowledge shared in class and those being imparted by assigned readings. So when it comes to writing a term paper, essay or research paper on a subject many people might find themselves floundering around looking for things to add to his paper, just generally trying to make sense. However, as time goes on in college, you figure out a formula for learning things, and how to acquire large amounts of information in a short amount of time. This formula is different for everyone, some people are better visual learners, while others need audio-visual aids and some people can simply understand by reading. So when it comes to writing professional articles, different people learn about the niche by either watching videos and listening to lectures, or reading articles and notes on the subject, some people tend to use a combination of all these options.

So, if you are planning on writing a professional article on a niche, here’s what you need to do:

Market Research

The very first thing you need to do is find out why the niche is relevant and who would use the information in your article. Identify your audience, their likes, and dislikes and the most popular articles on the web. You will need to build your relevance in this niche as well, so what you have to do is understand how the niche works. Neil Patel, a legendary content writer and Wall Street Journal’s top influencer on the web recommends gathering industry intelligence and following all the top bloggers in your new niche. Reading their blogs and identifying various elements of their writing would help you build your own style in the niche, a style that caters to your audience. So, for example, your new niche is “online essay writing”, you can Google those terms and follow all the blogs that come up on the first page, those are the top most-read articles on the web, and those are the ones you should be taking your guidance from.

Educate Yourself

The next thing you’d want to do in a new niche is to build your vocabulary using the jargon terms and the SEO keywords for it. So following the essay writing example, you would use the keywords like “write an essay for me” or “online thesis writing” or any other keyword you can figure. When looking these keywords up, try and identify the jargon and vocabulary that is used. Some words might mean different things, for example, while in other niches the words “thesis” and “dissertation” might seem interchangeable, in this particular niche they have different connotations and mean different things. Hence knowing the difference between the two things is very important if you plan to do well in a niche.

Educating yourself also means going through already existing content and trying to gain as much knowledge as possible about a given topic. The research you do on your topic will reflect when you are writing, so make sure that you do it thoroughly. Poorly researched articles can lack authenticity and affect the writer’s integrity so educating yourself about the ways of the niche, and conducting proper research will help you in writing your professional article.

Get An Expert To Help

Get an expert’s help, and this includes learning from all the “experts” in the niche. When writing about any subject matter, an expert’s opinion can really help you out. If there are any questions you have regarding the subject or niche, and then get in touch with an expert. Try and get them to share some wisdom with you so that you can improve and build your own style and content. Experts may even be able to guide you better about what people look for in a professional article and how their niche is different from others, helping you in building your understanding.

Write Your Draft Confidently

Writing your draft confidently is very important because if you are unsure about your article it will reflect in your writing. Be confident when writing your article, because you worked hard on it and it will most definitely turn out to be an absolute masterpiece. Confidence in your knowledge and writing is what is going to sell your article, so be sure to be secure in whatever you are writing about.


So if you are looking to expand your horizons and write in a new niche, good for you for getting out there again. This will surely benefit your career, and you know what the basis of it is going to be? Those sleepless nights in college when you had to write a paper for your course but had no idea what the teacher had been on about the entire semester, so you Google some stuff, and write it out on your paper. This is what we have to teach you about writing in a new niche – understand the market, understand the niche and then after getting some help from experts do what you do best and get out there to write the best article there is.

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