How to Grow Your Eyelashes Overnight?

It is the dream of every girl to have naturally long eyelashes. But for those who don’t have such gorgeous and beautiful eyes, there are many ways through which they can grow their eyelashes overnight. Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, so instead of using creams or other products, one should go for home remedies to get longer thicker eyelashes overnight.

Home Remedies for Longer Thicker Eyelashes:

Longer Thicker Eyelashes

Longer Thicker Eyelashes

Here is the list of home remedies for longer and thicker eyelashes.

  1. Egg Mixture can help your lashes gain strength and promote growth.
    • Mix a few drops of egg white and olive oil in the same quantity.
    • With the help of a brush, apply it on your lash line and along the length of your lashes.
    • Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.
  2. Green Tea can help clean the hair follicles and stimulate your eyelashes growth.
    • Dip a cotton ball in green tea.
    • Apply it on your lash line.
    • Leave it overnight.
    • Wash it off in the morning.
  3. The vitamins and minerals found in Aloe Vera help strengthen your eyelashes and help them get thicker.
    • Just apply fresh Aloe Vera gel directly onto your lids and lashes.
    • Let it stay overnight.
    • Wash it off in the morning.

Remedies for Longer Thicker Eyelashes at Home:

  • Take Castor Oil on a cotton bud. Put this cotton oiled bud on your eyelashes before sleeping. Leave this on for overnight. Then wash up with lukewarm water in the morning. Repeat this method for 3 months for effective results.
  • Soak a cotton bud with some olive oil. Oil should be warm. Then apply this cotton on your eyelashes. Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning with lukewarm water. Repeat this process for about a few months till you see proper results.
  • Take an egg and add some glycerin in it. Make it a sticky liquid and apply this liquid to your eyes by using a mascara stick.
  • Take green tea in a cup. Let it cool and then with the help of cotton, apply it on your eyelashes. Make sure the green tea is sugar-free.

How to Get Thicker Eyelashes Naturally:

  1. Apply a drop of Vitamin E oil to the brush. Comb your eyelashes daily with an eyelash comb or a clean mascara wand.
  2. Remove your eye makeup daily carefully and gently.
  3. Apply Olive oil and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse.
  4. Add Vitamins B, D and E to your diet to promote lash growth and strengthen your eyelashes.
  5. At bedtime, coat your eyelashes with castor oil. Wash it off in the morning.

Does Vaseline Help Eyebrows Grow?

Vaseline Help Eyebrows Grow

Vaseline Help Eyebrows Grow

Vaseline is the best remedy to grow eyelashes long. It appears to thicken eyelashes and eyebrows. It is used to condition and moisturizes the eyelashes hair. In this way, it allows to grow them for a long period of time.

Instructions to grow eyelashes overnight with Vaseline:

  1. Take a small container and add Vaseline to it.
  2. Dip cotton buds into the Vaseline.
  3. Apply it on your eyes.
  4. Gently massage it for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Do it twice a week.

Vaseline Eyelashes Myths:

Myth # 01: Brushing Eyelashes Promotes Growth:

According to a myth, using a comb to brush eyelashes can help spread natural oils to boost growth.

Myth # 02: Vaseline Can Make Your Eyelashes Grow

According to this myth, use of Vaseline/Petroleum jelly over eyelids stimulates your eyelashes to grow.

Myth # 03: Natural Oils Make Eyelashes Grow Longer:

According to this myth, the products like natural oils which moisturizes your hair can positively affect your eyelashes.

Does Coconut Oil Help Eyelashes Grow?

Coconut Oil Help Eyelashes Grow

Coconut Oil Help Eyelashes Grow

Yes, Coconut oil does help eyelashes grow. It can strengthen the lashes and prevent them from breaking or falling out. It also helps them grow and it does not clog on your skin.

How to Grow Eyelashes with Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil is one of the best natural oils for the growth of your eyelashes. If you want to apply it on your lashes, follow the following instructions carefully.

Method 1:

  1. Fill a bottle with coconut oil up to ¼ inches.
  2. Add 1 drop each of lemon essential oil and lavender oil in this coconut oil.
  3. Cover the bottle tightly and shake this solution well.
  4. Now the serum is ready to be used for getting longer and lush eyelashes.
  5. Apply this serum to your eyelashes at night before bedtime to prevent greasy looking for daytime usage.

Method 2:

  1. Dip a clean cotton swab in coconut oil.
  2. Apply it on the eyelashes and massage it gently with your fingers by closing the eyes – downside and opening your eyes – upside.
  3. Leave it for a few hours and then wash your face with water.
  4. Be sure that not to apply too much oil on the lashes.
  5. Repeat the same procedure regularly.

Method 3:

  1. Add few drops of castor oil and grape-seed oil in 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  2. Stir well and apply this mixture onto the eyelashes.
  3. Let it remain for about an hour or two.
  4. Then wash it off with water.
  5. Dry the area and repeat it daily for a few weeks to obtain the best results.

Eyelash Growth Serum DIY:

  1. Take 1 teaspoon of castor oil and emu oil.
  2. Add ½ teaspoon coconut oil and 2 capsules Vitamin E oil.
  3. Mix all these ingredients well.
  4. Store this mixture in a small dropper bottle.
  5. Squeeze one drop on to your finger or cotton bud.
  6. Gently massage into your lash line.
  7. For best results, leave it overnight and wash in the morning.

How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer With Mascara?

Eyelashes Longer With Mascara

Eyelashes Longer With Mascara

If you want to make your eyelashes longer, apply the following tips with mascara:

  1. Bend the brush of the mascara wand so it’s easier to apply.
  2. Wipe off excess mascara on a tissue to prevent clumps.
  3. Layer waterproof mascara on top of your regular formula to make your mascara last longer.
  4. Coat both sides of your lashes to thicken them.
  5. Hold the brush at a horizontal angle if you want thick lashes, or turn it vertically for a more natural finish.
  6. Soak your mascara tube in a cup of hot water.
  7. Make your mascara do double-duty as the gel eyeliner.
  8. Dust baby powder over your eyelashes between the first and second coats of mascara to plump up your lashes.
  9. Add a few drops of saline solution to a mascara tube to re-wet flaky formula.
  10. De-clump your mascara by combing through your lashes with a clean toothbrush.
  11. Create the look of thicker brows by using mascara in the same color of your arches to darken, fill in, and set them.
  12. Apply mascara on your roots to hide re-growth or gray hairs.

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