How to find duplicate content in my website?


Duplicate content checker tools


The fastest way to check and see if your content is original is to pick out some chunks of text and paste them into Google on exact search – you just put quotes around it “like this” – you will be able to see ifyour content has been indexed on other sites.






PlagSpotter is another best duplicate content checking and monitoring tool. Check your whole site for duplicate content or automatically .

Duplicate Content Tool – Virante


This tool diagnoses common causes and effects of duplicate content penalties.(1) It tries to diagnose the common www vs non-www duplicate content issue by checking the headers returned by both versions of the url, the current cache in google, and possible PR dispersion.(2) It checks for the common default page error where both the / and /index.html (or other default page) return 200/OK headers.

(3) It checks for incorrect 404 pages which deliver a 200/OK Header and,

(4) It checks for supplemental pages in the Google index.



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