Important long question…
Unit:10 Horizontal mass spring system, Motion of simple pendulum, Damped oscillation, wave carries energy
Unit:11.. Loudness and factor, image formation in convex lens, optical fiber, simple and compound microscope., human eye, defect of vision,
Unit:13… Electro scope, Coulomb’s law, parallel/series combination of capacitor, capacitor capacitance,
Unit:14 emf, ohm law, resistivity, joules law, parallel/series combination of of resistor,
Unit:15… D.c motor, A.c generator, transformer,
Unit:16 thermionic emission, proprieties of electron, c.r.o(electron gun), AND operation, OR operation
Unit:17. Component of computer based on it, compute r, internet, e.mail,
Unit18 nuclear transmission, uses of radio isotopes, fission reaction.