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Solved Practical Notebook Physics 9th & 10th Class New Pattern

Saweel ur Raheem- May 15, 2019

Physics 9th and 10th Class Practical List and Solution Notes with Complete Solved Exercises according to the new pattern of Punjab Boards (Bahawalpur Board, DG ... Read More

2nd Year Physics Notes (All Chapters Short Questions)

Saweel ur Raheem- May 13, 2014

2nd Year Physics Notes ( All Chapters) Short Questions with Answers   Electrostatics View Current Electricity View Electromagnetism View Electromagnetic Induction View Alternating Current View ... Read More

BSc Physics Complete Notes Free

Saweel ur Raheem- March 14, 2014

B.Sc Notes Physics Chap # 4 (Light & Quantum) B.Sc Notes Physics Chap # 9 (Intro to Quantum,Optics & Plasma) B.Sc Notes Physics chap # ... Read More

12 Class Physics Long Questions Notes Download

Saweel ur Raheem- February 2, 2014

Coulomb’s Law View / Download  Gauss’s Law View / Download Electric Potential View / Download  Force on a current carrying conductor View / Download  Ampere’s ... Read More