Download Qur'an from Taj company and all other companies 9,10,11, 13, 14, 15 ,16 ,17, 18 and 21 lines in a single PDF file 9 Line – Gaba  10 Line – Pak  11 Line – Qudratullah  13 Line – Qudratullah  13 Line – Pak  13 Line – Tajweedi – M Ashiqeen  14 Line – Pak  15 Line...
Here is a list of  basic English sentences used in your daily life to improve your level of English speaking and conversation.   common English sentences used in daily life PDF    
Daily use vocabulary English to Urdu EBook PDF
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The book includes with general knowledge,everyday science,computer science,current affairs,international affairs,Islamic studies,Pakistan studies,math,English and Urdu mcqs questions with answers and solved original past papers for practice....      
TAJWEEDI QUR'AN COLLECTION           13 Line – Tajweedi – M Ashiqeen  15 Line – Tajweedi – Qudratullah  16 Line – Tajweedi – Hammad   
Download Free E book Lesson # 1 View & Download Lesson # 2 View & Download Lesson # 3 View & Download Lesson # 4 View & Download Lesson # 5 View & Download Lesson # 6 View & Download Lesson # 7 View & Download Lesson # 8 View & Download Lesson # 9 View & Download Lesson # 10 View & Download Lesson # 11 View & Download Lesson...
روانی سے انگلش بولنے کے لیے اس کورس کے ہر سبق کو روزمرہ زندگی میں استعمال کریں .جب تک ایک سبق کو سہی سے بولنے میں روانی پیدا نہ کر لیں دوسرا شروع مت کریں .صبر سے کام لیں  .بولنے سے مت ہچکچائیں .جلد ہی آپ انگلش بولنے میں...
Must Read Some Most Important Rules For English Grammar
Best Qurani Ayat Wazifa For Conceiving Child Or Get Pregnant (Aulad K liye)... Allah Sub By Aulad Logon Ko AULAD se Nawazy Jo deen o dunya main uski bhalai or nijat ka bais ho AMEEN
Speaking Practice Questions & Answers Pdf
Easy English grammar (part of speeches and tenses ) eBook PDF and Download Free English Grammar eBook Beginner PDF   Spoken English grammar eBook free Most common english sentences used in daily life     
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  English Grammar -- Easy Way to Learn Tenses eBook  
Best Qurani Ayat Wazifa To Remove Evil Eye (Nazar)
Ulumul Quran  تاریخ تفسیر و مفسیریں