Best Hand Grips For Cross-Fit

Don’t want your hands to get ripped and torn? When it comes to cross-fit, hand grips do the best job to protect your hands. Hand grips consist of leather covering for the palm that is used to build up arms and muscles strength. Being a body or muscle builder, you should try out a variety of grips and gloves, especially for pull-ups, muscle-ups, and for any cross-fit WOD.

Best Hand Grips for Cross-fit are a necessity for anyone who is serious about their training and workout routines. So here is a list of few best cross-fit gloves or grips that you can buy.

  1. WOD Fitters are the basic hand grips when it comes to cross-fit grips. These were the first grips available in the market when there were none others. They are easily available in any brand.
  2. Emerge Hand Grips/ Pull-up grips provide you with a comfortable black callus guard workout protector. It is made from durable textured leather. They feature four finger holes for comfort and full callus protection.
  3. WODies 2 in 1 gives you a traditional gymnastic grip. It also provides you with the support of wrist wrap.
  4. Bear Komplex 2 Cross-fit Grips are similar to the WOD Fitters but are somehow a little bit improved version of them. They provide some wrist support for lifts. They come in a range of sizes and in two colors. They offer either two or three finger hole grip options.
  5. Rogue V2 Gymnastic Grips provide textured American leather on both sides. This can secure your hold and prevent it from slipping. These hand grips are 2.5 inches wide and come in attractive gray color.
  6. JAW Pull-up Grips are another WOD Grip for the premium fabric grip available in the market. These provide you with a guarantee to satisfy your hand care needs. These grips offer a complete balance between comfort, protection, and effectiveness. These are used for multi-purposes like pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes to bars, dumbbells, knees to elbows, barbell or any other workout. These JAW Grips are available in the USA with 100% free shipping on all orders.

Best Gymnastics Grips for Cross-fit:

Best Gymnastics Grips for Cross-fit

Best Gymnastics Grips for Cross-fit

Gymnastics is a tough sport in which you need hard training and perseverance. Wearing Best Cross-fit Gymnastic Grips will help you grab that bar while keeping your hands free of rips or blisters.

Finding a good pair of grips could be a very hard task. There are a few different types of Best Gymnastic Grips used in Cross-fit.

  • True gymnastic grips with leather palms:

    These were the first gymnastic grips to be used by cross-fitters. These are relatively inexpensive and durable.

  • Tape Derived Grips:

    You can make these tape derived grips by yourself. These can serve the purpose of gymnastic grips. These can be inexpensive and usually can be a great fit. These can be used with complete comfort.

  • Cloth Palmed Grips:

    These cloth palmed grips are similar to the leather gymnastic grips. But these are made with a cloth palm. These grips are durable as well as comfortable.

  • Glove-Type Grips:

    These glove type grips come in different ranges like that of batting gloves to Mechanix gloves. These are versatile and are widely available at local stores too.

Gymnastic Grips for Bars:

Gymnastic Grips for Bars

Gymnastic Grips for Bars

Gymnastics grips are very important for upper-level gymnasts. These are used as a cover or protection for the hands. They allow a gymnast to grasp the bar in a better way. The strong grasp of these grips reduces the risk of slipping off the bar. These are used to protect the hands from getting ripped.

There are two types of gymnastic grips; palm grips and dowel grips. Palm Grips only covers the gymnast’s palms whereas dowel grips cover both; palm and fingers. So dowel grips work better as gymnastic grips for the bar. Here is the list of gymnastic grips for the bar.

  • Champion uneven bar grips buckle
  • Champion uneven bar grips Velcro
  • Champion uneven bar grips padded Velcro
  • Reichel-sport hook and loop uneven bar grips
  • Bailie dowel narrow hook and loop uneven bar grips
  • US glove leather cuff hook and loop bar grips

Best Gymnastic Grips – Amazon Reviews:

Best Gymnastic Grips – Amazon Reviews

Best Gymnastic Grips – Amazon Reviews

There are plenty of great brands to choose from. Due to which finding the best gymnastic grips can be quite tough. If you find reliable reviews about such grips, that can be of great help for you if you want to find what you exactly need.

WODies 2 in 1 WOD Grip – Review:

WODies 2 in 1 WOD Grips are made for cross-fit. While lifting a weight, you need to protect your palms and support your wrists. This hand grip equipment can provide you with both these. These are made in America and can provide you with protection at an affordable price range.

Bear Komplex – Review:

Bear Komplex Grips are considered to be the best Cross-fit Grips on the planet by the manufacturers. These grips are a must buy because of their simple designs along with the highly innovative and fantastic protect gears. The positive thing about these hand grips is that they reduce friction and eliminates slippage. These provide them with maximum protection and security from injury.

Gymnastics Grips/Cross-fit Gloves – Review:

These Gymnastic Grips can definitely help you keep safe. Due to their multiple grips, you can use them for Cross-fit, for weightlifting as well as for gymnastics. These grips make use of both; finger holes and wrist support. That makes them a stable and comfortable wear. You also have the facility to adjust your wrist strap according to your comfort and need. The palm guards are well designed and use a thick layer of padding to keep your hands shielded. If you are in search of a good multi-purpose grip, this is a good choice because a lot of care has gone into making these hand grips.

The Natural Grips – Review:

The natural grips can be a great addition to your gym bag. These work comfortably well and help prevent hands from tearing. They allow easy and great grip and their prices are also reasonable. Although they get torn after some time still they are highly recommended due to the comfort they provide.

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