2017 New Guess Paper Biology 10th Class


_20170303_113823_20170303_1139072017 New Guess Paper Biology 10th Class
Bio Guess 10th Two sitution face by leaf, mechanism of breathng, asthma,pnemonia, lung cancer, homestasis in plants, bed effect of smoking, urinry systm of human, kidney complete, nerve cel, cerebrum peripheral nervous systm, eye structre, blnce maintang by ear, adrenal gland pancreas, disords of nervous systm, muscles nd movement, types of cartilages, human skeleton, naturl propagatn in plants, double fertilizatn, asexual reproduction, germinatn of seed, aids, fertilazatncentral dogma, law of segregatn, varation lead to the evolution, mechanism of evolution, component of ecosystm, nitrogen nd carbn cycle, symbiosis , air & water polution, 3Rs, biotechnology, fermentation, genetic engenerng, drugs, hallucinagens, vaccines, antibiotic resistance!



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